Whole Food Nutrition

At Bodyation we believe that a healthy Mind & Body is maintained not only by the mindful exercise we do but also through mindful consumption of food, in particular, Organic Whole Foods.

Personal and Group Wellness Consultations and Programs

We have available a number of different options available to assist in your wellness development.

1. Consultation

Our Whole Food Healing consultation takes into account not just what your eating today but also your history. Diagnosis is done mainly through Chinese Medical techniques and is treated with Fresh and Clean Whole Foods.

Initial Consult $120

Additional consultations $90

A Clinical Intake form will be emailed to be completed before our scheduled session.

Phone or Skype is also available.

2. Whole Food Kitchen Consult

We will investigate your kitchen, not just your food, looking at what you are eating and using to prepare your meals. Together we can then form an action plan to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

$50 for 1st hour

$40 each additional hour

3. Shopping

We can provide you with your very own Shopping Consultant! Our Shopping Consultant will give you valuable knowledge about products and where to shop to optimize your money.

Individuals: $40 for 1st hour   $30 each additional hour

Groups (3 or more): $30pp/hr

4. Menu Planning

A Personalized Weekly Whole Food Meal Plan can be your way to a healthy life prepared and arranged for you and your lifestyle.

Weekly Plan: $300

The plan is for you to use and prepare as we help facilitate your needs and requirements.

5. Whole Food Nutrition and Body Balance Programs 

Includes: Initial Consultation, Meal Planning, Continual Consults, Kitchen Consult & Body Balance Program

These programs are designed to each individuals needs and requirements.

Price on Application

Bodyation Bodybalance Programs Integrates Organic Whole Foods

What we mean by Organic Whole Foods is fresh clean food free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. We currently feature Whole Foods in any session that involves children in our Fitness Athletic Sports Training (FAST) programs by offering snacks and post training organic foods to aid there wholistic recovery and development.

We also highly recommend Organic Whole Foods for our adult participants also, not only to assist and integrate into their training requirements but also for their daily lives.

Whole Food Health Consultations are available in person by phone or as Skype Sessions… see above.

Please enquire with emails to info@bodyation.com