Danny  Seow

Founder/Chief Instructor

Danny Seow has developed Bodyation during his years of training with a number of masters in a number of disciplines, including: Iyengar Yoga with Peter & Sue Scott in Australia, Qi Gong, Taiji, Do a Yin Yoga, Various Meditation Techniques, Martial Body Conditioning, The 5 Tibetan Rites and Healing Therapies for over 20 years.

“Nothing can be forced, receptivity is everything”
BKS Iyengar

His interest in training health and athletic development grew from the major sports in which he participated both in Australia and overseas. These included his time as a Professional AFL player with Collingwood FC and Melbourne FC, High Level Junior Basketball, Junior Level Tennis as well as a brief time on the roster of the UNC Chapel Hill American Football Team.

Playing sports at so many levels as well a receiving and being witness to so many injuries, simple and debilitating, Danny became interested in how injuries could both be prevented as well as minimised. This led not only to the discovery of the various arts mentioned previously, but also in becoming a Certified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and a Diploma in Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine. Danny’s initial interest was to help friends who were professional athletes and performing artists. He has since worked at some of the most coveted Spas in the world including the Versace on the Gold Coast, The Park Hyatt and Four Seasons in Sydney to name a few.

This led Danny to develop a deeper understanding of various alternative healing arts, such as; a variety of Meditation Techniques, Hawaiian Kahuna massage and Chinese Medicine and Massage, to maintain ones healthy wellbeing.

Another important and conscientious part of Danny’s life has been nutrition, including food and its source. This was developed at an early age thanks to both his Mother and Grandmother. At a young age he lived with his Grandmother whom always had veggie patch in the backyard, which on the odd occasion, he would help maintain. By the time Danny was entering his teens his mother was bringing home organics and biodynamic food from ‘The Friends of The Earth’ Co-op at Melbourne University, Victoria, Australia. This was also encouraged while playing as a professional Australian Football Player with the introduction of the then Dietician for the Collingwood FC, Karen Inge

Over the years Danny’s interest grew, not only due to his own health and injury recovery issues from sports and his mother falling ill to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but from general curiosity and a desire to learn more. This led to his interest in cooking and preparing whole foods, not only for himself but family and friends also. The consumption and benefits of whole foods lifestyle become a way of life. Leading Danny along yet another path of discovery, particularly in Asia, how food can be beneficial not only in maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, but also aiding in the prevention and cure from various ailments while re-balancing the body. He followed this through and has been fortunate enough to have completed a Certified Program in Healing with Whole Foods under the guidance of Paul Pitchford, author of “Healing With Whole Foods”.


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