Classes & Workshops

Classes are available for the individual or group at any level of fitness and/or health. Due to Bodyation’s unique training system it is adaptable to everyone’s personal requirements. Improvement being felt within the first class prolonged conditioning with sustained training. Private and Specialised Group classes are also available.


Classes for the Pure performers include:

Dao Yin Yoga

Taiji & Qigong – Moving Meditation practice that works with the Energy of Life, Qi (Pronounced: Chee), bringing together Body Mind & Breathe to enhance and reinvigorate a persons energy, focus, calm and stability.

Sunday Morning 1015am 45min Mitchell Park, Dupont… S st NW & 23rd st NW (Meet by the Cottage, entrance on S st)  Price $10

MBC (Martial Body Conditioning)

Wellness Workshop/Retreats

Our Breathe workshops and retreats aim to introduce and build awareness for how a person can manage and sustain their own health and wellbeing. The program is for both individuals and couples who wish to gain a greater insight into themselves and experience through hands on learning how they can become more aware of their bodies, be mindful of what they eat and take control of their own mind/body balance in a fun and relaxed environment.

Breathe Program:

Helping People Heal Themselves

Introduction to Exercise and Movement

Experienced a relaxed and enjoyable way to understand movement and exercise. This brief introduction will help you understand yourself in relation to your body and its connection with not only your mind but more importantly your breath. We will touch on yoga, tai chi, qi gong amongst others. Providing you with a few essentials to maintain your balance as well as your conditioning.

Introduction to Whole Foods Health

Gain insight into how we can help maintain our health and wellbeing through the consumption of whole foods . We would like to introduce a platform of awareness for our attendees to work from and discover how it is possible over time to benefit and sustain ourselves through the enhancement of our own digestive systems.

Introduction to Healing Therapy

A hands on introduction how both individuals and couples can apply healing techniques as a way, not only to enhance their daily lives, but also their relationships. This component of our workshop will introduce a number of techniques simple enough for anyone use at home or whenever they feel the need to revive, relax or reinvigorate themselves, family or friends.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you begin your rejuvenation for everyday of your life.

The bodyation wellness workshop is and will be a continuing evolution, education and interactive way for everyone to participate in their own daily wellbeing. We prefer quality over quantity. This means we are very conscious to maintain the appropriate attendance size in our workshops and retreats so everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Workshop Dates:

Qi Gong Moving Meditation & Healing Sounds Self Healing Series

July 16 4-5pm:  

Breathe and the Teal Center have partnered to bring you the Qi Gong Healing Sounds & Moving Meditation workshop. Discover the calming, rejuvenating & therapeutic effects of the Qi Gong Healing Sounds and Movement.

We have increased this workshop to the 6 Healing Sounds of the body. These sounds are directly related to 5 major organs within the body to help release and ease the stress and emotions that are placed within each one. By breathing and releasing into these organs the sounds vibration initiates a cleansing effective which assists in the release and calming of the organ while furthering your own wellbeing.

You will Learn…

  • Meditative Breathing
  • The 6 Healing Sounds of your body
  • Effective Moving Meditation sequence to unify your body, mind and breath
  • Simple Bodywork applications for daily life to help relieve stress and increase circulation.


 Further information and event participation:

Any questions please contact:

Danny Seow : +1 703 302 9081

Workshops Past

Breathe Bali – June 2015

Breathe - Bali

Our Breathe workshops in Bali were a great success. Held in UBUD at the Narasoma Retreat Centre with a group of inspiring people attending we enjoyed a wonderful open air workshop of movement and meditation.

Bali June 2015 7

Narasoma Outdoor Yoga Space

Bali June 2015 2

Narasoma Workshop

Class Begins

Narasoma Wksp 2

Soft flowing combined breath movement

Bali June 2015 4

Narasoma entrance with Megan Sapinksi

 Bali June 2015The Lovely Ladies who attended


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