Bodyation combines the most relevant exercise techniques from yoga, tai chi, qi gong, mindful meditation, martial body conditioning and various healing therapies to create various programs suitable for each individual and or group.

Static postures combined with light flowing movement synchronised with relaxed breathing techniques ensure a person can release themselves from years of tension and negative body conditioning.

The programs range from relaxed breath control for health, relaxation and vitality to the more intense body conditioning exercises for general fitness and enhancing athletic performance and recovery.

Beneficial for adults and children of all ages and backgrounds there is a program available for everyone:

  • The elderly to enhance mobility and the simple enjoyment of life.
  • The working professional to reduce stress and fatigue levels.
  • The professional or amateur to assist in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries as well as maintain and enhance the expected level of performance.
  • The junior athlete (see FAST Kids) for sustained holistic development, confidence and stability.

Through consistent training and application Bodyation has the tools to achieve your desired goals. Anyone who feels they need an improvement in their general wellbeing or sporting performance Bodyation has a program available.


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